Independent Bookstores

Independent bookstores are wonderful. I knew that before I became a self-published author, I am even more grateful now.
I make it a point to browse and buy books from these stores. I like the mix of main stream and eclectic books they have on their shelves. There is always a book that is calling my name ( I can walk through department stores without buying, but put me in a bookstore and I always walk out with something.).


The King's English 1511 1500E Salt Lake City,UT

The King’s English
1511 1500E Salt Lake City,UT

The moment I walked through the door, I fell in love with this bookstore. It is now a must stop when I am in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Their selections are fantastic.

Mystery to Me 1863 Monroe St Madison, WI

Mystery to Me
1863 Monroe St
Madison, WI

There are books here that you can’t find anywhere else. Self-published books, small press books which are in search of readers. And it isn’t only mysteries that are on the shelves here–check out the children’s section.

Julie's Java House 409 N. Ludington Columbus, WI 53925

Julie’s Java House
409 N. Ludington
Columbus, WI 53925

I know, this isn’t a bookstore, but Julie’s does sell books, and music, by local authors. Her coffee, pastries, and sandwiches are good too.







Book Launch

It was a successful book launch, people came, and they bought books-what more can an author want.  Most of all it was great talking with the people who came, thank-you!AugSep Book Launch 2015 008AugSep Book Launch 2015 006AugSep Book Launch 2015 009

Grandbaby and book in the same week

What a week! I’ve been gearing up for the release of my first book, Enemy within, but that was trumped by the birth of another grandbaby. How wonderful!

My hours were filled with assisting in the care of this family. But that is what grandparents do, fill in for parents as needed. And to give hugs, laps to sit on, new adventures, reading books, watching movies, walks, gazing at clouds, stars, and a million other things that little ones can think of.

So… Enemy Within’s release day went unmentioned in favor of doting on my grandchildren, but I hope you forgive the lapse and look at the book yourself at: