Soybean Harvest

On our farm, soybean harvest was finished about ten days ago. I am grateful we got them in before the first hard frost.
Now, one thing has nothing to do with the other, except that a hard first is usually a harbinger of winter. And you can’t combine soybeans in the snow.

There is a narrow window to harvest soybeans on a daily timeline and a seasonal one. Soybeans are sensitive to moisture, that means if there is dew or frost in the morning, we have to wait for the moisture to evaporate. And, as I said, you can’t combine soybeans in the snow, there is too much moisture, and the snow, that might be on the plants and ground, could get into the combine clogging it up. (I’ve learned some new phrases when that happened.) So, I am grateful we are done with that part of the harvest is done and we are onto the next crop. And that is another story.