Life a roaming country cat

Life of an outside country cat is usually short and not often noticed. It is born. It dies. Everything else about its life is conjecture, pieced together when one cat catches the imagination of a neighborhood. That is what happened to the cat someone named Wally.

A neighbor tells of nursing a white cat with ginger colored markings but she hadn’t seen it for awhile.

It showed up on our farm, probably because I feed the feral cats.

Well, Wally wasn’t always present at feeding time came and went when he wanted. I’d see him in the ditches, looking for food in the fields and the hill beyond the barn. Winter time we’d see more of him, food was consistent, and the south facing parts of the barn warm. But come breeding time, he was always around, many of the new batches of kittens were mirror images of him.

Often I saw the healing gouges of fights, but he healed. Not today.

Wally hadn’t been around the place for a week, on Saturday he showed up covered in dried up blood, facial gouges. Tried to clean him up, give him food and water–he wasn’t accepting the care. He crawled away when we weren’t looking. We searched but couldn’t find him. We searched on Sunday. On Monday, the postman delivered a package and said there was an injured cat on our sidewalk. Somehow Wally had crawled to the house.

He was rough looking. Did he come to the house looking for help or a place to die? His breathing was normal. I decided that if Wally could make it to the house I had to give him a chance to live or relieve his suffering and pain.

Called a neighbor who is a vet, she wasn’t available. Called the vet in town, he got us in.

The cat stank, there were maggots in a few wounds and when the vet opened Wally’s mouth, half the palate was torn away. It was a quick and easy decision the euthanize Wally. The end came swift. His pain and suffering was ended.

The vet’s conjecture was that Wally had tangled with a coyote. Mine is that this big tom cat fought hard for his life and was able to crawl away. He crawled to us for help, we gave it. May he Rest In Peace.