It is never too late

It is never too late to be what you might have been. George Eliot

Recently I was in Phoenix, Arizona and was privileged to stay in the same hotel as hundreds of teens in town for the state DECA competition.

It was fun to watch their excitement as they put the finishing touches on their presentations, taking those early steps toward their adult life. I wanted a do-over.

But in life there are no do-overs, just re-assessments. Are any of those early plans still doable? Do I still want to do them?

Some I do, and some I don’t. For me writing is one of the doable plans. I’ve taken classes, joined writing groups, and keep a regular writing schedule when not visiting with the kids and grandkids, or traveling (during those times I take notes, but mostly enjoy the company). I’ve put my work out for critiques, entered contests, and am now working on a crime novel that I plan to indie publish (no longer a dirty word), the second novel in that series is waiting for revisions, and ideas for future books keep popping up.

So…what are your might-have-beens that could still be?