The work isn’t over yet.

I was asked recently how long it took me to write my novel, Enemy Within. I said, it depends on how you measure it: sixty years, if you use when I first thought about becoming a writer, or three years when I started the actual research and writing of Enemy Within.

Since I decided to publish independently I have gained a new respect for the people and work it takes to bring a book to market. Through the organizations I’ve joined, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, I found someone to critique, edit, and format my book, and give lot of support and encouragement; the people in those organizations are wonderful. The cover artist I found on my own, a neighbor who is a graphic artist.  The next step in bringing a book to market is a hard one, publicity.

This is where it starts.  Presenting Enemy Within

 Indian Lake Book Cover_FINAL_front-page-001Available for e-book pre-orders at:

Hope you enjoy.