Today was the day. I got up early, for me it was to be Christmas in July, the proof copies of my book were to arrive. I listened to the birds, checked the weather, read the newspaper, took the car to Madison to be serviced, ate breakfast at the Jet Room, then, when I got home, checked the mail box. Nothing!  It was 12:11pm, and they weren’t here. How could that be? Where were they? And what was I going to do with the rest of my day? I had plans, but no back-up plans.

I read a book, don’t remember much of what I read. Took a few photos. Rummaged through the cupboards for something to munch–really should bake something, but it would only make me fatter. Looked through the fridge for something healthier to eat, but the fridge really needed to be cleaned–wasn’t going to happen today. What’s a gal to do? Wait. I can’t. I want my books NOW.

It didn’t happen.

The next morning, only difference was that I brought the car home. It was 9:43am. And there they were. Waiting for me on my doorstep. I haven’t been so eager to hold something since the births of my babies and grandbabies. summer 2015 050

           summer 2015 051

Aren’t they beautiful!