Book Review: Life on the Loose by Cari Taylor-Carlson

Recently, when asked what type of books I like, the reply is “a good one.” But it is hard to pass up a good adventure story. I liked Life on the Loose by Cari Taylor-Carlson.

After college, Taylor-Carlson settled into a life expected of her: work in merchandising, marriage, family, a home. But what came next? She found it for herself–adventure.

She lived a life outdoors by offering guided tours into the wilderness through her company Venture West. Some of her tours were: Teton Pass to Driggs, Idaho, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Gila Wilderness in New Mexico, Green River, Three Sisters Wilderness in Oregon.

She tells some good stories of the good and the bad of leading a bunch of “city folks” out of the concrete jungle and into the wilderness, even if that wilderness is in Switzerland.

Hope you have a chance to read it.