breaks and other things

I’m working on revisions of my third Edie Swift novel. It isn’t going very smoothly–lots of distractions. This got me to thinking about what stops writers from writing.

Writer’s block: I’ve experienced it, but usually find that I don’t have enough information to continue the story, don’t have a clear view of where I’ve been or will be going with the story or the story idea is just plain stupid.

Silences: Experienced this lots of times, mainly because I’ve let other parts of my life come first–sometimes it has to. But all those interruptions add to what I want to say.

And days like today: the sun is shining, humidity levels are down, flowers are in bloom. Who can resist a day like today. I’ve advocated for “blue sky” days in addition to “snow days”(no one has taken me up on this) because we need to enjoy these wonderful times.

Hope your day is a joyous one.